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3D Filament center roll holder Reflow- 3D file download and component kit.

This is the digital download and component kit for the holder.  It is an easy center roll for the lostboyslab Reflow recycled filament rolls. With this component kit and download in various 3D CAD format you can modify this center holder to fit other 3D filaments, add you own logo and use your own favourite material to print it with. The component kit comes with two rollbearings from SKF and in the center is a carbon fibre rod. The center roll can be used together with our side mega stand LBL0033 or our mega brackets LBL0051. The component kit incl 2 Rollbearing SKF 624 (2RS), 8 Supermagnets disc round 8x3mm and 4 mm Carbon fibre rods cut in suitable lengths.

29 Euro for the component kit PROD0019
5 Euro for the digital download (buy in our store and get pswd to download below)
This product is also available as a complete product LBL0052
component kit

Print yourself, get only component kit

PROD0019 as a do it yourself kit. You pay for the kit with carbon fiber rods, roll bearings and supermagnets. The model will be downloaded in the format of your choice, modify, hack, tweak it the way you want it! Print the two parts on your own 3D printer in your own favourite color and then put it together with the components that we will ship to you...

3D CAD Download section

Below you add the password from our web shop and download the digital versions for both parts needed. Download in all 3D native formats like Fusion 360, STEP, SAT, Inventor, STL and more...