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Side stand Mega for Filament roll holders

These self standing Mega stands are made out of the rPLA and will be supporting any roll holder with 4 mm Carbon rod (standard Lostboyslab) including also the massive roll holders for 2.3 Kg filaments. These brackets are made for any 3D printer that can recieve the filaments from side or top (direct or into a bowden tube). PRODUCT ID LBL0033 including 2 parts of 0027 (Side) 0028 (lower stand) and 4 Screws M10x40 and 4 nuts M10, as well as 8 lasercut soft foam feets 

Only available in a pair (only get one does not make sense)

99 Euro for rPLA black version (incl Left-Right and holder for sensor)

3D CAD Download section

Below you add the password from our web shop and download the digital versions for both parts needed. Download in all 3D native formats like Fusion 360, STEP, SAT, Inventor, STL and more...